• Seal the Deal

    EZ Bar Box - Very very Chill™- a mobile solution for Cocktail garnishes & ingredients


    The EZ Bar Box will safely hold up to six items, with no cross contamination. Transport multiple items easily to off site events, golf outings, pool bars or just rugged everyday use. This grid seals each item separately - NO MORE cherry juice spills!


    Our lid design seals three compartments at a time - lock down your expensive & less used items (think cherries, hazelnuts, oranges, pineapple, etc) to stay fresh longer.

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    Sealing Lids

    Snap shut to store at night, open, remove and close easily.


    Cocktail Onions


    Lemon Slices

    Limes Wedges

    Orange Slices


    Bar napkins

    Stir sticks


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    Is this yours?

    The common bar box - what we are all familiar with. Bartenders have to wrap items daily to store safely! Wasted time, spilled product, fruit flies, cross contamination and yards of plastic wrap.


    Our design pays for itself. Products stay fresh, no more dried out fruit.




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    Hinged lids are removable

    An easy and flexible way to safely store both wet and dry items - each compartment seals separately, under one lid!


    Short or long term storage -

    either way, all will stay fresh without cross contamination.


    Put it on ice! This grid can sit on a bed of ice, utilizing your current bar box or purchase ours.


    Interested in distribution?

    Don't be afraid to reach out.

    You + us = awesome.

    Roberts, WI
  • Innovative Design

    Marj Weir Products

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    Marj Weir

    Creative - Founder

    Marj Weir has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years. Experienced in restaurant and bar ownership, she saw the need for an easier solution. With skill in creative design and product innovation she brings that experience to this venture.

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    Patented Modular Food Prep & Storage System

    The Fitware™ system is one of a line of products designed to work together - a full system for food and bar prep, as well as storage. Each item is sealed separately, under the grid lid, and containers can be switched out easily!

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    Light Shade Covers

    Update your bathroom lighting in minutes with our shade and bracket system.

    Hide those Oh so bright LED Bulbs!

    No need to hire an electrician, buy a better light, spackle and paint the wall. And all those LED bulbs - so much glare!